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Let’s grow our metals!

Agromine was a European Life co-funded project about cropping “super-plants” on nickel-rich soils and wastes for the green synthesis of pure nickel compounds with demonstration sites in Greece, Albania, Spain and Austria.

Creating a generation of “agrominers”

DISSCO designed an educational activity for secondary schools (ages 11-15), certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, including theatrical activities, stakeholder role plays, and experiments with the plants. Due to Covid-19 related quarantine measures at the time this was modified and implemented as a playful online activity with video instructions, to be performed in class, or at home. 

Spreading the message

In order to share the knowledge generated with the public in a user friendly format, we also created an audio technical manual for agromining. Instead of producing a technical report, we interviewed the research team and created an audio manual that includes the most important information about agromining. In this way people could listen directly to the experts explaining what agromining is about, how it works, why it is important and how it is connected to circular economy.

Moreover, in order to inform communities and companies about this innovative concept, we designed a LinkedIn organic dissemination campaign. We also created a “layman’s flyer” that includes the basics of agromining. More than just providing the content, we coordinated the simultaneous production and translation of the flyer in several local languages.


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