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We strive to make science more participatory!

DISSCO designs and delivers science communication and public engagement strategies, using storytelling formats, citizen science and playful activities.

Our aim is to help democratize science by making it more participatory and accessible, and to empower scientists as well as people with other backgrounds, in order to contribute to a more informed and responsible society. 

Partner with us to broaden the impact of your project across diverse communities.

What DISSCO stands for


The production of scientific knowledge has increased dramatically in the last decades, reinforced by the advancement of technology. However, real dissemination of results requires a good understanding of how research takes place, as well as being able to access and meaningfully interpret the data produced. We strive to make science accessible and understandable to everyone, by providing opportunities to experience and mutually learn. This involves not only the sharing of results, but also ensuring those are presented in an appropriate manner.


Science plays a crucial role in shaping our everyday lives, and utilizing scientific knowledge can help us deepen our understanding of the world around us and improve our quality of life. Everyone has the right to be informed about scientific developments and the potential to engage with the scientific decision-making process, if we make it more accessible. By engaging both scientists and the public in science communication and capacity building activities, we not only make it easier for researchers to share their findings, but also ensure a more democratic and inclusive approach to science.


Effective science communication goes beyond just the sharing of information, and requires a collaborative approach between researchers and non-experts. By working together and co-creating solutions, we can harness the power of multiple perspectives and improve access to knowledge, as well as increase the societal relevance of scientific findings. Our science communication initiatives aim to foster this collaboration by providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between researchers and the public. Our goal is to contribute to a more responsible society, where everyone has the ability to make informed decisions.

Origin & Team

DISSCO was founded in 2017 by Evgenia Tsianou. Panos Petridis has been a collaborator on various projects since then. In 2023 they jointly co-founded DISSCO Lab (Dissemination – Science – Communication Lab) that provides an interface between science, society, the environment and the arts.

Evgenia Tsianou

Evgenia Tsianou

A  science communicator bringing a playful approach  to making science participatory. Through a combination of academic learning in Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zürich and Environmental Engineering at DUTH, alongside diverse work experiences, she developed a deep understanding of complex systems and the necessity of collaboration in tackling environmental challenges.

It was during this journey that Evgenia discovered her passion for science communication, designing activities that spark dialogue and founded DISSCO.

Evgenia’s vision involves citizen science emerging as the new standard for research.

Panos Petridis

Panos Petridis

An interdisciplinary researcher, and project manager, working at the interface between science, society and the environment. He holds a PhD in Social Ecology, and his work at BOKU University in Vienna focused on island studies, participatory and transdisciplinary research, and degrowth.

As a project manager he has partnered with numerous international partners and consortia, working together to promote diverse aspects of environmental and social sustainability.

He is a fellow at P2P Lab, a research collective focused on the commons. He shares the view that science should be open and accessible to all.

We strive to democratize science though designing playful and engaging communication strategies and public engagement activities:


DISSCO specializes in creating playful science communication concepts and customized strategies for research projects and institutions. We manage the entire implementation process, ensuring a seamless delivery of outputs and materials.


In DISSCO we always strive to make science more participatory and thus help achieve a greater societal impact. We promote science democratization through designing and implementing public engagement and outreach activities.


DISSCO offers capacity building workshops for researchers, as well as engaged people, in order to empower and assist them in communicating scientific results more effectively.


Our aim is to increase the relevance and outreach of research, using storytelling formats, citizen science and capacity building workshops:


We often use a variety of storytelling formats in order to help popularize scientific findings, facilitate the effective communication of results, and ‘get the message across’ in playful ways.

Citizen Science

We employ citizen science methods, in order to improve the outcome and widen the scope of scientific research, but also to achieve a better dissemination of results and help people to engage with and gain ownership of the research process.

Capacity Building

We assist scientists to achieve greater impact for their research by identifying the right communication strategies through capacity building workshops, and empower people by engaging them with relevant scientific concepts.


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