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Water Scarcity in South

Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe

‘Water Scarcity in South’ was a program aiming to enhance knowledge and overcome current barriers when it comes to tackling water scarcity in Southern Europe through innovation, entrepreneurship, education and communication.

DISSCO acted as the communication and outreach external expert in the program, and was responsible for a series of tasks, notably creating a communication plan, aligned with all KICs and in close coordination with EIT Food South, and ensuring continuous coordination with a series of partners in the implementation of the communication strategy to better reach relevant stakeholders (start ups, water experts and water related industry partners) and develop the network across Southern European countries.

We have also ensured keeping the project platforms up to date, publishing relevant information and engaging activities to foster knowledge exchange and interaction between the stakeholders, coordinated social media campaigns and communication materials for the different activities in collaboration with design studios, and prepared content to publish at the EIT Food website, as well as different channels.



Carmen Galindo, EIT Food South

Eva Enyedi, Climate KIC

Blanca Chocarro, EIT Manufacturing

Elena Contioso-Fleming, EIT Digital

Raffael Casielles, Bioazul

Lydia Papadaki, Athena​ Research and Innovation Center