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Water Blog Stories

Tackling Scarcity in Southern Europe

‘Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe’ was a project led by EIT Food South. Recognizing that in order to tackle water scarcity requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders all across society, the aim was to engage with people through digital channels and social media, using vibrant design and content, video and visuals, interviews, podcast, talks and events, so that they become agents of change on the path toward a water-saving economy.

DISSCO contributed with the preparation of four articles, together with Carmen Galindo, with critical reviews on a series of topics such as circular economy, water management, ICT solutions and smart agriculture.


Would you eat a salad grown with toilet water?

The circular economy is presented as the most effective solution to solve water scarcity, one of the great obstacles that the future holds. The benefits of productive use, in fact, are already evident, since by irrigating with treated wastewater we can solve the problem twice over: we provide water and also nutrients….Read more


Carmen Galindo, EIT Food South

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