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Tackling the Water-Food-Energy nexus

Hydrousa was a Horizon 2020 project for the Circular Economy, aiming to demonstrate innovative water loop solutions with regenerative business models in the Mediterranean Region, with pilots on three Greek islands. A strong focus was put not only on the development of nature-based prototype solutions, but also on community engagement and collaboration, with the co-design of stakeholder workshops and interviews with local communities.

DISSCO acted as science communicator, essentially being the mediator between the research and communication teams, representing the project in several conferences, as well as the Athens Science Festival.

We also co-designed the workshops that took place on the pilot islands, around the themes of circularity and how the citizens envision their island in 2030, within the framework of the circular economy.

Moreover, DISSCO participated in the technical tour that took place on the Tinos pilot to present various technologies, as well as the demonstration of a unique rainwater filter in Mykonos island: this involved both the coordination of the actual pilot implementation, as well as a miniature replication of the technology in a jar, in order to showcase and demonstrate its functionality.


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