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Helmos, our mountain

A journey through climate change: connecting science with society

Helmos mountain in Peloponnese, Greece, apart from being a good hiking destination is, at the same time, a window into the world of climate change research and its impact on our lives, as it is home to an aerosol monitoring station from NCSR Demokritos. The goal of this project was to find ways to make the complex and abstract topic of climate change accessible and relatable to everyone. 

DISSCO, in collaboration with researchers from NCSR Demokritos, designed a citizen science activity about indoor air quality to engage non-experts in discovering the connection between Helmos, climate change and cutting-edge science.

By bringing together science and society, we aimed to create a more informed and engaged community, one that is better equipped with knowledge to make positive change.

Empowering through education: democratizing knowledge

In collaboration with Rosie Maguire, we also designed a walking tour which combines the stunning beauty of the Helmos mountain with cutting-edge science and climate change research to create a unique educational experience.

In total five stories have been produced connecting folklore knowledge with current climate change infrastructure, like Demokritos’s climate station at the top of the mountain.

Our aim was to explore how local stories and past traditions can help us understand our relationship with the environment, and how research can help us gain a deeper understanding of the mountain, and the world.

Local stories

Kalavryta and the surrounding area is full of history; from its place in ancient myths, through its food and tourism, and through its social history. From these stories we learn about our world. 

For example, in mythology, the waters of the rivers flowing into Hades were sacred to gods and mortals and had magical powers. We learn how Thetis immersed her son Achilles into the River Styx, hoping to give him immortality and invincibility. But by missing his heel, he later suffered tragically in the hands of Paris. We see the error in hoping to be invincible and immortal. Humans are vulnerable and so is the natural world. How can we relate to what is around us if we do not see its vulnerabilities and try to protect them?

DISSCO designed the overall concept, coordinated the activities, and stakeholder engagement.

Photo Credits: Giannis Paraskevas (milky sky), Kostas Eleftheriadis (boundary layer)


Rosie Maguire, Researcher and Consultant in Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos (DEMOKRITOS)

Dr. Kostas Eleftheriadis

Dr. Lila Diapouli

Prodromos Fertatzis


www.helmos.cc  (note: cc stands for climate change!)

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“Χελμός: Μάθε το βουνό μας μέσα από την επιστήμη και την κλιματική αλλαγή”

Climpact Newsletter #6, p33-36

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 Green Fund